Hi! I'm Anne Kathryn

It's my pleasure to offer birth and postpartum doula services to families in Genoa and around the world. As a mother of two, I know first hand how challenging birth and parenting can be. But I have good news. It doesn't have to be so hard. I am dedicated to helping you have the birth and parenting experience that you want.




Are you expecting a baby?

Do you have questions about the birth process?

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By your side at your birth in Genoa

Studies show that laboring mothers who have continuous support give birth in less time, have less need for pain medication, and are less likely to need a C-section than mothers who do not have continuous support. What does continuous support mean? It means that if you so desire, I will be with you during your entire labor and birth.



Getting settled at home

After your baby is born, you may wish that you had more than two hands. I can be two more. Let me make you a meal, watch the baby while you shower, or provide information about breastfeeding or bottle feeding. I will not make decisions for you, give you advice, or judge your parenting choices.