If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, a doula can offer you practical and emotional support in your home as you begin your journey towards motherhood.  A mix between a mother and a friend, a doula can do a lot to help you to hear your inner voice during one of the most transformational moments in your life.  Here are just a few ways she can help: 

During pregnancy a doula can:

Provide you with information about giving birth in your area, whether you are looking for a birthing center, hospital, or home birth.

Prepare you for the birth by practicing relaxation techniques.

Listen to you and embrace your excitement, happiness, fears, and questions.  

During birth a doula can:

Provide emotional support during all stages of labor and delivery.

Be an advocate for you and your choices.

During postpartum months a doula can:

Support you and your feeding choices.

Provide information about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or a mixture of the two.

Prepare meals.


A doula knows that a new baby also means that there is a new mother, and she deserves as much love and support as the baby does.  New babies demand all of the attention of the people around them, especially the mother.  Without a strong support system, it is easy for new mothers to feel extremely tired and sometimes doubtful of their mothering abilities.  With practical and emotional support (both are very important), mothers have the opportunity to enjoy their babies and their road towards a new kind of life.