Prenatal Doula

(Italiano qui)

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now what?

You might have a million questions. What can I do to stay healthy? What tests need to be done? Where should I give birth? What is an epidural anyway? How does breastfeeding work?

Or, maybe you have no questions. You're just taking life day by day, open to what the next phase will bring.

Everybody approaches birth in their own unique way. So my job a as a prenatal doula is to embrace your way. If you've got questions, I can either answer them or lead you to someone who knows the answers. If you are not so interested in information but more into taking some deep breaths and getting in touch with the soul that's growing inside you, I can provide some visualization tools and relaxation techniques.

You may have more practical needs, such as going to IKEA or figuring out what a "onesie" is and how the snaps work. Cloth diapers? Disposable? How many? I can take you and I can show you. 

I can also accompany you on health care visits or hospital tours.

In the comfort of your own home, I can help you prepare for birth and breastfeeding. I can also get to know older siblings and offer some information and support for them as they prepare to welcome a new baby into the family (and share parents!).


This is a great children's book to start with. 

For a few books I recommend for getting ready for birth and parenting, click here.

Birth Doula

Whether you give birth at home, hospital, or birth center, whether you will have a cesarean section, unmedicated birth, or epidural, I will be ready to offer in person physical and emotional support when you feel you need it. Call me at the first signs of labor and we can decide together if you are ready for me to go to you. I will stay for the entire labor and birth, and for up to two hours after your birth to make sure that you and your partner are feeling settled and your baby has started breastfeeding.

Click here for the birth doula contract.

Postpartum Doula

Every parent has unique needs during the postpartum months. We can decide together how I can best support you. A few ways that I can help you adjust to new parenthood are:

  • help you process your birth story (every time you tell it, new discoveries may emerge.)

  • provide information about breastfeeding

  • answer your questions about normal infant sleep 

  • help you to be the parent that you want to be by active listening and mirroring

  • sit with you 

  • hold the baby while you take a shower or have a nap

  • prepare meals (soups, pastas, meat, vegetarian, vegan..) Below are two of my favorite postpartum cookbooks. We can choose recipes together.


Virtual Doula

Whether you live in Genoa, Europe, or on the other side of the world, you may decide that video, phone and email support is your perfect solution for support in birth and parenting. 

Will you be giving birth in a country or town that is not your own? I can offer special support for expat moms, because I am one!

Virtual doula services include unlimited text and email support, so whether you have a question or idea every week, every day or every hour, I'm here.

Before the birth I can offer birth and breastfeeding preparation, book recommendations, birth plan development, and lend an ear to your process, supporting you as you grow with your baby.

During the birth I will be on call, just as I would for an in person birth. You call me at the first signs of labor and we can text, video, and talk to each other during your entire birth.

In the postpartum months, I can offer support as you process your birth story, get the hang of breastfeeding, and hold space for you as you brave this big new world of parenting.