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Giving birth can be beautiful

Hi, I'm Anne Kathryn. As a birth and postpartum doula in Genoa, Italy, I'm passionate about helping you have the birth of your dreams.

Whether you are looking for support in preparation for childbirth, an encouraging presence during labor, or support in adjusting to life with your new baby, I'd be honored to be there for you.

Wait, what is a doula, anyway?

Imagine that you are traveling to a new land. A doula is like a tour guide. And we can carry stuff for you. So you can focus on the amazing views.

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers. Strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.
— Barbara Katz Rothman


Birth is powerful

because not only are you giving birth to a new baby, but you are also giving birth to a new you. Read more about how I can support you in your journey into parenthood here:


About Anne Kathryn

I completed my doula certification through Mondo Doula, a doula school which focuses on learning active listening techniques, honoring each mother as a unique individual and intuiting her needs, and practical ways of inspiring calm and relaxation during birth and postpartum.

I have a master's degree in Language and Literacy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My courses included topics such as Language and Cognition in Bilingualism, how culture affects reading comprehension, and research in learning disabilities. 

My bachelor's degree is in Spanish Literature from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. I also studied Latin American culture and literature in the Dominican Republic.

I am proud of my studies and certifications, but my most valuable gifts and talents cannot be learned in a classroom. My intuition, compassion, and the ability to note shifts in energy make me a good doula and a good teacher.



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