Getting ready to breastfeed: What do I need to know?

The sheer amount of breastfeeding information that is out there is overwhelming, I know. If you are newly pregnant and have no idea where to start, this post is for you. Below are three super important facts about breastfeeding. Tuck these behind your ear, follow your instincts, and make sure you have someone to call right away if you run into problems. You can do this!

Scroll down for a fab interview that I did with midwife and lactation consultant Amberley from Maternal Instincts.

Colostrum is the first milk.

A little does a lot of good. It’s thick and serum like, coating the inner linings of the intestines in a protective barrier. It’s also has laxative effects, helping your baby to push out that first poo that is thicker than usual.

The more your baby breastfeeds, the more your breasts have an idea of how much milk he/she needs.

It’s all about supply and demand. Frequent nursing also gives your breasts information about your baby’s health and needs in that particular moment. Breast milk changes in composition (think calories, density, and antibodies) based on what your baby needs. I know! Amazing, right?

Babies are wired to want to be with you most of the time.

In the early days, breastfeeding is the way your baby will feel the closest connection with you. Your little guy was once joined to you by the umbilical cord. Now breastfeeding is a recreation of this physical connection. It’s normal for babies to want to breastfeed for what seems like all the time. It can feel overwhelming, so make sure you’ve got your village. Maybe a doula, friends, or family members who can offer tea, encouragement, and support. (Note: asking if you are breastfeeding “again,” does not count as support.)

Support in the early days and weeks can really help with your self esteem and dodging obstacles.

Seek support from other breastfeeding mothers, a lactation consultant, or a midwife depending on your needs. La Leche League is made up of volunteers and they hold meetings all over the world. Maybe there is a meeting in your area? is my favorite website for breastfeeding information.

I spoke with midwife and lactation consultant Amberley this morning.

She is based in Australia and 11 hours ahead of me here in Italy so I got up at 5 am.. can you tell I’m sleepy? She had some great insights. Thanks for chatting with me, Amberley. Check out her services and breastfeeding video series here:

And she shares lots of info on her Instagram account.