How the love song by Ben Rector describes exactly how I felt when my babies were born

October 28, 2011 Exit/In

From Tina Chew's YouTube Channel

He starts singing at 50 seconds

Ya'll. This song. The beautiful melody and simple guitar really let the words jump out and hit your heart.  People say it is a perfect first dance song at a wedding. I agree. It's also a perfect first lullaby for a new baby and momma.

I wanna love you, forever I do.
I wanna spend all of my days with you.
I'll carry your burdens and be the wind at your back.
I wanna spend my forever - forever like that.

Falling in love is never logical. It's something that happens to you. And it feels great. Try and tell someone who is in love that "you could do so much better." Or not to get too excited when the person they love calls or writes. Or not to marry that person. Actually don't try it, because it doesn't work and you will just ruin your friendship. A heart in love is on a mission. To be with that person at all costs. Love is what holds us together, even when it's not logical, or reasonable, or a good move financially or socially. 

This is the same love that keeps mothers and babies together, even when the baby is screaming. Even when mom can't manage a bathroom break or a shower because the baby is screaming. Even when the baby wakes up screaming every hour for 24, 48, or 72, hours, or for a week or a month and she can barely function anymore. She sticks around. Because love isn't logical. And babies don't give up, either. They cry for their mama because they are in love. Hopelessly in love.

I wanna love my babies forever. Just like the song says. I want to hang out with them and help them to grow roots and then wings. So they can fly high and far and I can watch them reach their dreams.

Now that I am on the other side of the mother/child relationship, I understand why some parents have a hard time letting go as their children grow into adults. I get the mothers and mothers in law who want to bring over food or plan the wedding. It's just love. Oh bless, as we say in Tennessee.

I understand how new dads can feel left out of the love.  If your wife has just given birth, she is falling head over heals for someone else. Maybe you understand, or maybe it's a little sad. I get it.

I'll be the words on the pages
If you'll be my sweet melody
And the tune can keep changing
Cause, love, I'll keep arranging
And this is the song that we'll sing

Oh yes, does the tune keep changing. Every day with a newborn. Every month with a toddler. Moms have to be very innovative and flexible in order to keep up with brains that develop at what sometimes seems like the speed of light and sometimes seems like you've gone back in time. Didn't you wear underwear for an entire month with out an accident? (you say to your toddler as you wipe up pee for the third time in one morning). I tried to set a routine for my babies. The routines worked for a day. Then someone got sick. Or we had company over. Or they had a sleep regression. Or they didn't need me anymore for something. It changes every day.

And whatever the season
well, we'll keep in breathing
cause we'll have each other to hold

Holding, nursing, rocking, gazing into each other's eyes, feeling that baby breathing next to your cheek. It's nice. And it doesn't last very long considering how long life is. So I try to enjoy it.

And I try not to listen when people tell me not to do these things too much for various reasons. I am in love. And I will be forever.