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Embracing life postpartum (it's all postpartum from here, honey)

So maybe we can embrace postpartum, embrace life as a parent, asking for help when we need it, giving thanks for this grand opportunity to grow and learn and rethink some of the rules and customs of our grandparents. We might even (gasp!) change a few things. Because, yes, sleeping in on weekends and having alone time was really wonderful and luxurious, but with the right kind of support system, postpartum can be amazing, too.

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How the love song by Ben Rector describes exactly how I felt when my babies were born

Ya'll. This song. The beautiful melody and simple guitar really let the words jump out and hit your heart.  People say it is a perfect first dance song at a wedding. I agree. It's also a perfect first lullaby for a new baby and momma.

I wanna love you, forever I do.
I wanna spend all of my days with you.
I'll carry your burdens and be the wind at your back.
I wanna spend my forever - forever like that.
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