The births of Ciaran and Imogen Ivy: 16 years later, same strong mother

Rachel Brennan shares two birth stories, 16 years apart!

in Lancashire, England


I had my first baby 16 years ago whilst I was still a baby myself! It wasn't a totally unplanned pregnancy and for some crazy reason (blame it on high school work experience in a nursery baby room and a life of looking after little cousins).


Ciaran and Imogen Ivy.png

I thought it would be a great idea to have a baby. I never actually thought in reality it would happen. But it did.


I had a smooth pregnancy, amidst my GCSE (secondary school) exams, which, by the way, I smashed! I had no aches, pains or complaints. At 39 weeks I was given a date for induction, however at 40+6 I managed to bang my stomach on our safety gate. I was admitted to hospital for  a check.


After scans everything was fine although I had started contractions. I stayed overnight the Thursday and by mid lunch on the Friday they were coming quicker. My biggest regret was ordering the tomato pasta and this subsequently ended up all over the bed! I did tell them I felt quite sick.. I was wheeled to delivery.


After gas and air for a few hours I was requesting pethidine.


My mum was my rock throughout, helping and supporting me with words of encouragement.


I made endless trips to the toilet throughout as I was certain I needed to poo!


It never came and at 5:46 after four pushes I had a son, 7lbs 4 oz, whom I named Ciaran, Gaelic for dark haired one.


The labor itself was obviously painful but not traumatic, I was really lucky. I had second degree tears, two stitches but one was a precaution. I was up and about straight away. I left hospital after a week though as Ciaran developed a minor infection in his umbilicus.


Fast forward 16 years.. and last year I gave birth to a little girl!!!



Imogen Ivy

July 21st, 2017

8lbs 3oz.


Similar labour in lots of ways leading up. Baby was 11 days overdue though I believe my dates were wrong as I was originally moved forwards. I think I was a week late, the same as my son!


I stayed at home with my fiance this time.


I had contractions every few minutes whilst in the bath and we decided to ring.


I was asked to go in and my waters broke just as I was getting out of his car. (With Ciaran they popped then for me in the delivery room).


I went straight to the birthing suite, added some led lights to the bath and sorted my playlist.


This was now 1:00 am. I felt the need to push and water was coming out in the bath. My midwife said this was just the rest of my water. At 2:00 am I was told I would have a baby soon! I was told to resist the urge to push in the big bath.



I got out and was examined but was only 5 cm which was a bit disheartening!


I decided to ask for pethidine. This helped me chill in between contractions and I actually nodded off slightly in between. It seemed to space them out for me. After another two hours I was told to move onto my back from my side as the position was off. I never did get back in the bath but found it comfy lying down on my side.


A few small poos escaped which I was aware of. It was hard like little rabbit poos. Which I tried to move till my fiance stepped in. He couldn't believe it as I had a bare hand haha! He cleaned them for me. My midwife added a catheter as she asked if I could wee. I definitely didn't feel I could. She released what seemed like loads of urine and my body took over! It was like the poo and the wee were blocking the exit for her.


As soon as the poo and pee were gone my body took over on its own. Three pushes and out came my gorgeous dark haired little girl, Imogen Ivy.


Bodies are amazing!



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