When breastfeeding doesn't work out

Breastfeeding doesn’t work out for everyone.


Even when all of the stars are aligned properly.


Even when parents and baby have all the information and resources to make it work.


Even when everyone is willing and supportive and baby’s latch is good.


If you wanted breastfeeding to work and it didn’t, I want to tell you something.


It’s not your fault.


When we give birth, we begin a journey full of surprises. Sometimes we have our hearts set on one way of parenting, one way of feeding, one way of being with our child, and then our baby is born.


And our pre-child visions of parenthood are replaced with something new and foreign. Maybe equally as beautiful and rosy (maybe not), but different nonetheless.


No one can ever imagine what life will be like once their baby is born. Every baby is unique. Every parent is unique. And every relationship is unique.


Feeling sad or angry is normal. I get it. I understand.


But try not to blame yourself for not being ready for what you could never have imagined.


Breastfeeding fits well into some parent-child relationships. It doesn’t fit well into others, for a million and one different reasons. Reasons that we only find out once baby is here.


There are a million and one ways to be a good parent, and I bet you've got lots of them covered, even if breastfeeding isn't one of them.


Sending hugs

and love,

Anne Kathryn