About Anne Kathryn Rice

Photo by Mark Allen

Photo by Mark Allen

After giving birth to my daughter in 2012, I was swimming in a blissful state. I was in awe of how our bodies and minds seemed to be intertwined. It seemed like magic. 

But the feelings of bliss would morph into confusion and uncertainty with the slightest interference from the outside world. The advice seemed to flood in, but I just wanted to find my own way of parenting.  How was I to respond to these people?  My research on birth, motherhood, babies, and child development began as a desperate move to confirm to myself and others what my heart, soul, and body seemed to already know. 

I'd like to share my experiences and research with you, but more important, I share my writing in hopes of inspiring new mothers to listen to their inner voices, believe in their abilities, and to stand up for what they know is right.

I am an advocate for choices and education for mothers in childbirth, listening to children's voices, breastfeeding education, and life long learning.  My passion for supporting women has led me to participate in a doula training course where we are learning about the art of understanding exactly what a mother needs during pregnancy, birth, and during the postpartum months.

I have a bachelor's degree in Spanish literature from Rhodes College, and master's degree in Language and Literacy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and I am an enthusiastic elementary teacher. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, USA, I now I live in Genoa, Italy with my husband and two children.