Prenatal Doula

Pregnancy can be a time of full of questions and uncertainties. I am here to answer your questions and ease your mind.

I will support you as you decide where and how you would like to give birth, and envision what kind of care and support you'd like to receive.

In the comfort of your own home, I can offer relaxation exercises, help you to form your birth plan, and provide information about the physiology of birth.

I can also accompany you to health care visits or hospital tours.

Birth Doula

Whether you give birth at home or hospital, I will be ready to offer in person physical and emotional support when you feel you need it. I will stay for the entire birth process, and for up to two hours after your birth to make sure that you are feeling settled and your baby has had his first latch.

Sibling Doula

If you have older children who will be attending your birth, I can offer sibling support before, during, and after the new baby is born. 

Postpartum Doula

Every parent has unique needs during the postpartum months. We can decide together how I can best support you. A few ways that I can help you adjust to new parenthood are:

  • provide information about breastfeeding

  • answer your questions about normal infant sleep 

  • help you to be the parent that you want to be by active listening and mirroring

  • prepare a meal

  • hold the baby while you take a shower or have a nap